Where are the web services located in the SAP architecture?

The SAP Connector is installed as an ABAP stack in the Y-Range in SAP, which is called YBite-3. The web services are located on the ABAP (programming language) proxy of SAP. ABAP is the 'translation machine between SAP's SQL and the SAP connector. These are installed on the application server upon the SAP / Database. The SAP connector is placed upon this.

In SAP architecture, a so-called 'load balancer' can be placed between the application servers. The requests that come from eCommerce are distributed evenly. The connector works when the customer has PI installed, as well as PI is not installed.

The connector is sending SOAP API’s to the eCommerce platform or (when applicable) the Alumio iPaaS. The iPaaS is able to send the API’s in SOAP, REST, direct database connections, flat file imports or other protocols.