What is the difference between SAP Cloud Connector and the Alumio SAP Connector?

Our SAP Connector includes eCommerce specific web services and logic. The SAP Cloud Connector doesn't.

The purpose of the Alumio SAP Connector is to establish a connection between SAP software and your eCommerce platform. The web services and the logic that is created out of the box are meeting the requirements of software like Magento, Shopware, Sylius, WooCommerce, and so on. 

Our SAP Connector based on ABAP technology that is being installed in SAP creates new namespaces, so it does not interfere with internal processes. The mapping with the internal SAP system is being done within our SAP Connector.   

Together with a corresponding module - for example for Magento - it creates a one to one integration. And because the mapping is done in on the SAP side, you don't need to map it on the side of the eCommerce platform.

The main difference with the SAP Cloud Connector is that it gives you the ability to connect On-premises software to Cloud software. It does not come with the eCommerce required web services and logic. Our SAP connector minimizes the work which you would have to do if you would use the SAP Cloud Connector.