Week 25-26 (2021)

Release notes:

  • [APD-1082] Added additional authentication methods to the Alumio API. You can now configure API keys via "Settings > API Keys"
  • [APD-1500] Storage entities are now visible to users with the "User" access rights, instead of administrators only
  • [APD-1525] Solved an issue where the Dashboard cache was not always flushed correctly after a new Alumio update
  • [APD-1526] Added breadcrumbs (plus <title> tag) to show your current navigation location within Alumio
  • [APD-1532] Solved a bunch of small alignment errors in the HTML/CSS
  • [APD-1541] Implemented a JMESPath Transformer to allow creating logic using JMESPath, as an alternative to using Alumio's Transformers
  • [APD-1542] Solved a bug when using a period in the key the Transformer would break
  • [APD-1551] Solved a bug where the Datetime would not be converted in an update query
  • [APD-1554] Added support for XML, YAML, plain text and form-data in the HTTP connector
  • [APD-1569] Solved a bug which would throw an error when creating or opening an existing user
  • [APD-1570] Solved a bug where the template was missing for the Recursive Merger Transformer
  • [APD-1586] Solved a bug where the date filters would trigger an error in the API
  • [APD-1590] Solved a bug where API tokens would conflict with authorization headers of HTTP proxies and Webhooks