Week 23-24 (2021)

Release notes:

  • Added a button within the Export logs of a Task, to download a specific log block to a file
  • Solved an issue within the Environmental Variables where it was possible to save a variable without a value
  • We have added an "Info" page which shows your Alumio server IP address, plus the oAuth redirect url. This page will be extended in the future with extra information. It can be found in "Settings > Info"
  • Solved an issue in which the notification popup would stay visible on the page when switching to a different page
  • Added the ability to Retry and Skip a task when logged in with the "User" role
  • Changed all fonts to one similar font (Montserrat)
  • The "DI Plugins" menu item is now no longer visible, as it was already not supported
  • Removed the default "Linnworks" package from Alumio. This should remove a lot of default configurations of Linnworks which were always visible.
  • Improved Elastic with rollovers in regards to indices to decrease memory pressure
  • Solved an issue in which the UAT and production environments of Alumio would share the same lock names, causing conflicts between them
  • Solved an issue in which lock names would only support identifiers with 64 characters or less