Week 13-14 (2021)

Release notes:

  • Configurations within dropdowns are automatically refreshed when you open the dropdown, allowing you to select newly created configurations without refreshing the page
  • Added "copy to clipboard" functionality in the Tasks overview, to easily copy the Entity Identifier of a Task
  • Added functionality to export any configuration in Alumio
  • Notifications are extended with a refresh button, plus a "Back" button
  • Extended to view of storages with an extra column to show the date when the entity was added
  • Included support for MSSQL databases
  • Optimised the speed of loading Tasks when there are millions of records in the database
  • Actions of filter transformers are now logged
  • Authentication errors are now also logged
  • Added Odoo.nl authentication support
  • oAuth tokens are now automatically refreshed
  • Fixed various bugs and improved stability