Authentication on Shopware-6

The guide will illustrate how to Authenticate Shopware from Alumio

A detailed guide on the Authentication components on Shopware-6.

Outh2 Authentication

Setup the Integrations on Shopware to enable OAuth authentication.

Navigate to the Integrations configuration on Shopware as shown below.

Click the Integrations and click on Add Integrations to generate the Acess keys and Client secret for the Shopware Webshop as shown below.

Write down the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key before closing this window.

Note: The write is disabled by default and should be active if required.

Setting up the OAuth on Alumio

Environment Initialization

If the environment is already setup skip to the "OAuth HTTP Client" section.

Initialize the environment variables

Find the domain URL and Initialize it on Alumio

OAuth HTTP Client

Create an HTTP Client and provide a meaningful name.

Use the plugins to modify the request header, URI, storage, and cookies.

Tried and tested plugin configuration for Shopware-6.

Create a token cache

Set up the Authentication (OAuth)

The HTTP client also contains SSL configuration and other protocols. It is recommended to enable SSL, as shown below.

Congratulations!! you have successfully established Authentication to Shopware.