Mapping order payment - Maintenance View YBITE3_VPAYMENT

The table “YBITE3_VPAYMENT” has been made available to map the payment terms from Magento against the payment terms in SAP.

Online purpose

In general, a customer can choose between several statuses: invoice or pay online. If they want to pay online, they will use the payment methods we've set up in Magento: For example:

  • Pay in advance = Pay online using a third-party payment provider, to use
    • Paypal
    • Creditcard
    • Ideal
  • Invoice = Pay later
    • By invoice 


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These eCommerce payment statuses 'In advance' or 'Invoice' needs to be mapped with SAP to CASH, INVOICE, CREDITCARD or DEBITCARD. If a customer wants to pay via Invoice in the eCommerce platform. this will be mapped to the SAP status 'INVOICE'.