Using Operators

In this example, we are going to add some extra information to our name node using Operators.

Operators can transform information of an entity based on standard functions. This can be anything from performing calculations to adding some extra information to a string.

Start off by adding a new transformer and selecting the Value mapper. Select the Pattern accessor and select the name node. Under mappers, we are going to add the Prepared operator mapper. This mapper allows us to use an operator. From the list operators select the Concat operator. This operator will help us in adding a suffix to our name field. The Left value would allow us to add a prefix to our name, but in this example, we do not need to do that. So we can set the value type dropdown to null. Then click the button Add right, this value will then be added after the name. Because we are working with a string, select the string data type. In the value field set the following value - name. This will add the suffix at the end of the name.


If we run the transformer tester by clicking the Test button. We will see the following result:


We have now successfully applied an operator to the value of a data node.