Moving data around

In this example, we are going to move a node of information to somewhere else in the structure. We want to move the qux field from the root into our set array.

We will start off by adding a new transformer. This can be done by clicking the Add transformers button. This will show a new form with a dropdown. From this dropdown select the Move using a pattern transformer. This will show the fields required for this transformer.

This transformer uses a pattern value and a replacement value to move information around in an entity. Because we want to move the qux field into the set array, we will have to select the node we want to move first. For the pattern fill in qux as a value. Because our set is an array, we are going to use a dot (.) notated path for our replacement to move the value to the new key. So for the replacement, we are going to use set.qux. We have now configured the transformers.

It is also possible to change the name of a field using this transformer. For instance, by setting the pattern value to "qux" and replacement value to "abc". This would simply change the name from "qux" to "abc" instead.


We can now test the transformer by clicking the Test button.


To continue to the next step, we are going to remove our transformer configuration. Click on the cross next to the Move using a pattern dropdown. This will remove all the configuration for our transformer.