How to Store the Data Based on Specific Identity

This article explains how you can write the entity data into a storage.

Create a storage: go Storages -> Storages -> click "+" for new storage -> fill in the Name*, and Path of the storage* -> save & continue.

Note: the best practice is to copy the “Identifier” and paste it into the “Path of the storage*” field to make it unique because you don’t want 2 storages in the same location because it is going to override each other and result in a weird behaviour.

 Then apply this storage to the transformer “Example -Get Posts for User”.

Settings: Data, transform  data using mappers and conditions 

Filters: Filter by stored identities (to make sure the order is not processed by the same identity twice)

Storage*: select the storage you have just created - “Consumed users”

Identifier patterns*: email

Then press “test” to see the result and go to the Storage -> Entities , this entity (email) will be stored in the storage.