How to Edit an Entity Identifier to Display Order ID, Customer’s Email, etc.

Entity Identifier can be used for assigning a meaningful name to each task based on the order ID, customer name, email, etc. Entity type allows you to validate the data, and it allows you to set and manipulate the Entity Identifier.

To setup an Entity Identifier to a task:


1. Go to Clients -> Entity types -> hit "+" to create a new one 

You can validate the data in the Schema (rarely used due to its complexity).


IdentifierPath: in this example we will add 2 fields: id, email (because we want the Entity Identifier to display the id and customer’s email)

IdentifierPath allows you to manipulate the Identity Identifier displayed in the Task overview. 

Save this Entity Type. 


2. Go to transformer where we split the users in the previous video.

In the Entity Type field -> select the Entity type you have just created -> save it -> run Incoming configuration again. 

Result: in the task overview you will see the new tasks with the the Identity Identifier with the user id and email.