How does the SAP configuration options look like?

The Connector will install custom tables into SAP, which will arrange the mapping between SAP and the eCommerce platform. Elements which are easy to customize so you can ensure a rapid implementation of the adapter without hardcoding any objects. This mapping will take place with several interfaces, which will be explained later.

The following tables/transactions will be created into SAP by the Connector. These are only used to save the mappings for example price conditions showing in e-commerce, mapping of shipment, roles of contact persons et cetera, as well for saving the configuration ‘connection’ options.

  • YBITE3_DEFRANGES (this is a SAP transaction, not a table)

As you can see in the above list, all transport and adapter objects begin with: YBITE3_*** (on request we can change the name structure). Because of the name structure it becomes clear that the development of the templates is related to another.

An example of the mapping interface been delivered:

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