Creating a simple Incoming configuration

The guide will illustrate how to create a simple Incoming configuration on the Alumio dashboard

As the name Incoming indicates, the configuration will fetch and/or read from the required external source.

An incoming configuration determines how data is retrieved. In this example, a configuration for data from will be created.

An incoming configuration can be created by going to Connections > Incoming.

An incoming configuration has an identifier and a name. We use:

  • Identifier: slideshows-from-httpbin
  • Name: Slideshows from httpbin


The configuration also uses a subscriber. A subscriber is an object which receives or retrieves data from a system. Because we want to retrieve data from HTTP we will choose the "HTTP Subscriber" prototype and configure it as follows:

Other fields such as to request parameters, HTTP client, and input transformer can be left empty.


After the incoming configuration has been stored it can be executed from the command line and dashboard.

This executes the incoming configuration but no tasks are created. In order to create tasks, an outgoing configuration and a route have to be configured as well.