Example: blog posts

This article explores the example how we can add data to the existing data

Goal: we want to pull the post from this public API and maintain the data: https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/posts?userId=8


Create a new transformer: Connections -> transformers -> + for a new one

Data, transform data using mappers and conditions

Transformer: Merger Transformer (it takes another transformer’s input, so during a result both the resulting and initial data are kept)


Transformer: HTTP Transformer

Request URI: https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/posts?userId=8 


Request method: get 

Request Parameters: object:


  "userId": "&{id}"


HTTP Client -> Default client 



 "blog_posts": "&{@}"



To Filter Away other keys, and keep the ones we want:

List mapper -> key apccessor -> leave Root empty 

Mappers: List: intersect keys



  "id": true,

  "name": true,

  "email": true,

  "blog_posts": true


Now we want to get the name of the user to share on the blog post. 

For this, add:

Transformer: Recursively copy values to children


Pattern to children within a parent:


(array that contains a lot of objects and we want to copy the value of each object of the blog_post key)


Mapping of values from parent to child:


  "author": "&{name}"