Default ranges - Transaction YBITE3_DEFRANGES

This is a transaction code and not a customizing view.

Default values

List of delivery types, plants and sales organizations for different selections relevant for the eCommerce platform.

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'Pricing summary' shown in basket/ checkout

The prices shown in the website are grouped together into 5 sets of prices types. The prices in SAP need to be mapped against the price types in the eCommerce platform.

In the interface we want the calculated value of the conditions; not the individual condition type.

In the section Pricing conditions you maintain the relevant pricing conditions belonging to the relevant pricing segment. You have the option to maintain multiple conditions per segment

Online purpose

In the online basket & checkout the order lines are shown. As a summary of the order lines the following information is shown. To connect the SAP logic on a real time way to these summarized fields we have to map these fields. In this way we show the information from SAP on a real time way in the basket (by using the call order simulation). Costs of handling from SAP can exists of multiple lines but will be showed as one 'surcharge' row in the basket.

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Order types

A list of order types can be maintained for the selection of relevant sales orders in getOrderOverview.

Online purpose

Customers can see their order overview in the ‘my account’ section. This mapping table is meant for identifying the order types which should be shown in this overview (web, offline, et cetera).

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This data is stored in table YBITE3_RANGES and is overwritten each time this transaction is executed


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