Customer roles - View YBITE3_VCUSROLT

This mapping table is intended to map the Magento role against the SAP partner function.

Online purpose

A customer of an eCommerce platform normally has one admin contact who has all permissions. However, in the Alumio customer module, it's possible that contacts of companies can be created and have limited permissions. For example, who should only be able to check invoices / orders & not create them. If this is the case you can use certain roles like assistant buyer, buyer, administrative etc. with limited permissions in the eCommerce platform. If you don’t set up any roles, the initial contact in Magento is an admin.

You can decide to synchronize all the contacts from SAP to Contacts in Magento. To make sure you will give the contacts the right permissions you will need to map the SAP function to the roles in Magento. The roles can be configured in the Alumio company eProcurment module, but exists in default of the following roles:

  • Lead Buyer
  • Buyer
  • Assistant Buyer
  • Administrative assistent

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