Authentication on Magento

The guide illustrates how to Authenticate to Magento 2 from Alumio

API token-based Authentication

The guide on how to generate and/or acquire the API access token can be found in the getting started section. 

Creating an HTTP Client configuration

The HTTP Client configuration provides us with the necessary components to set up the Authentications to the respective webshop.

  1. Navigate to the HTTP Client configuration creation page on the Alumio dashboard.
  2. Provide a meaningful name to the configuration.
  3. Initialize the configuration with Base URI, request headers, and logging as shown below. Any other modifications require to the URI, header, cookies, and redirects can be performed by adding new plugin configurations.
  4. Configure the API token-based authentication using the "Bearer token authentication" prototype.
    Token: The API token that was generated and recorded during the creation of the integration phase of Magento.
  5. Optionally if the Magento webshop has set up a secondary basic Authentication then the following configuration should be setup.

OAuth based Autnetication

Coming soon...