Setting up the Shopware-6 environment

The section will summarize the pre-requisite steps required to set up a connector to Shopware from Alumio.

Tip: It is recommended to read and understand how to create a simple connection on Alumio using the dashboard before starting with the Shopware implementation by checking this guide.


Setting up the Environment variables

Navigate to the environment variables section on Alumio dashboard.

The environment variables highlighted in yellow are the important variables that are required to configure a connection to Shopware.

Note: There are no restrictions on the variable name and can be changed as per the requirement.


If there is a need to set up an FTP connection it is recommended that the FTP configurations are defined as environment variables.

B2B_SALES_CHANNEL_ID - The value set in this env variable is utilized by the Alumio filters. it is a special environment variable that is used to filter the B2B orders from the B2C orders.