Setting up the Magento environment

The section will summarize the pre-requisite steps required to set up a connector to Magento 2 from Alumio.

Tip: It is recommended to read and understand how to create a simple connection on Alumio using the dashboard before starting with the Shopware implementation.


Log in to Admin and click System > Extensions > Integrations to display the Integrations page and create an Integration as per the Magento2 documentation.

We are interested in the Access Token generated after the Integration process.

Environment Variables setup

How to set up the environment variable

Navigate to the Environment variable configuration as shown below,

Click on the + symbol to create a new Environment variable.

Provide a unique name to the environment variable and the corresponding value.

Encrypted is an optional feature that when checked will hide the value of the environment variable

Required Magento2 Environment variables


MAGENTO2_API_TOKEN - The API Token generated from the Integration step.

MAGENTO2_BASE_URI - The domain URI to the Mageneto2 Webshop.


Optional Environment variables

If your Magento2 Webshop requires a secondary Basic Authentication then set the following environment variables,


  1. Authentication
  2. Company Creation